About Us

With over 55 years of combined experience in Private Dining and Event Catering, we are proud to introduce you to Fallow and Fields.
 We have always been passionate about providing locally produced and sustainably sourced food and love to grow as much as we can at home, so it’s guaranteed to be fresh, bursting with flavour and organic.

We have always had an awareness and ethos of providing only ethically sourced ingredients.
If you’re looking for a Private Dining experience, we will design a menu especially for your event and one which will fit your price point, making your menu completely unique.

We offer Game Roast, and all things free-range from Venison to Wild Boar and Hogs, locally bred Lamb and Hogget, with locally reared Game birds and Chicken, perfect for large social gatherings and festivals.
Canapés, Fine Dining, Casual Dining, Game Roasts, Wedding Breakfasts, Vegan dining, BBQ’s and Beautiful hand- made Hampers filled with local products we’ve got it all covered.
During what has been a challenging few years for all we really struggled with events, weddings and parties being cancelled left right and centre so we decided to launch a online hamper business offering the best of local produce, working with some amazing suppliers.
 Preserves, biscuits, chocolate, bread, cheese, charcuterie, bacon, sausages, eggs, milk, spirits, wine etc the list goes on!! who knew we had so much on our doorstep!! 
We looked into opening a deli to run alongside the hamper business to showcase the lovely produce we had found. We found Threadneedle House in Nuneham Courtenay & after a few months of long days sanding & painting we opened our deli in August 2020.
What an amazing time we have had!! the support has been incredible and as we support so many small local independent businesses that support has been passed on to our suppliers who too find themselves in tricky times.
With a beautiful sun trapped Garden with benches we are the perfect place to stop by pre, post or even during your walk. 
Unfortunately coming out of the pandemic peoples habits returned to the supermarket. Running the space as a deli just wasn't sustainable. So not to be defeated we built a pizza oven in the garden for the summer & installed a log burner for the winter and decided to turn the space into more of a cafe offering cakes and sandwiches mid week with take away meals, pizza & brunch at weekends.
We hope we become the perfect place to host that special occasion!
Fingers crossed we make a success of the space and keep it for many years to come. we look forward to welcoming you at Fallow & Fields 
Tom & Debbie